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Diving in Boracay

There are several options for Boracay Scuba Diving. Options that cover many different levels of skill.


Have a glimpse of the underwater world and find out if Scuba Diving is for you! Discover Scuba is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with scuba equipment and learn the basic lessons in diving. The course only takes 3-4 hours and includes one dive.


This is the most popular course for beginners! The Open Water course is a 3-4 days worth of diving lessons where you will learn how to breathe underwater, study scuba diving equipment, and experience four amazing dives! What more, the course will allow you to get a PADI Scuba Certification which you can use in the future to take more advanced courses.


This is for divers who already have their PADI Certification. Choose any of Boracay’s 15 dive sites and explore house wrecks, caves, tunnels, massive corals, and colorful sea life that you surely won’t forget!


For the ultimate Boracay scuba diving experience, take the Day Trip! It allows the diver to  explore uncharted territories of whale sharks, rays, ship wrecks, and corals under the sea for a day. The package includes full-board meals as you sail in the ocean for a day!

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