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Parasailing in Boracay

Parasailing is an exciting and thrilling experience that combines the best of boating, sailing, and flying in one fun sport. Parasailing in Boracay gives you even more of an experience because of the incredible surroundings and views of the sprawling white sand beaches. Plus, parasailing in Boracay is easy to do because there are so many companies that provide the services here.

It’s a thrilling and exciting experience, though some may find it a bit scary. Still, it’s a safe type of fun where the risks are really quite low. Whether you’ve been parasailing before or it’s your first time, there are 5 things you should know when you’re thinking of parasailing in Boracay.

While it’s true there are plenty of parasailing providers all over the beach, during peak season, you’ll be paying a lot more for your 15 minute ride in the sky. When it’s the middle of the season, you could be charged as much as 2,500PHP for a solo ride. Going with a friend will cost almost as much – 2,000PHP per person! So if you’re serious about parasailing in the Philippines when you travel to Boracay, your best option is planning your trip to avoid major holidays like Holy Week and Christmas for example. During low season, you can find parasailing for much cheaper, and if you’re so inclined, haggle your way to an even better deal.

Whatever rates you’re asked to pay, they will include everything for your parasailing experience. That’s the parasailing equipment, use of the life jacket, the boat ride the entire time and your 15 minutes of gliding in the air. Because all parasailing in Boracay will offer the same services, feel free to shop around. Most begin the activities at 8am and go on all day until late afternoon, so walk around and get a feel for what they’re all charging before signing on.

Chances are, if you’ve never been parasailing ever before, if you’re afraid of heights, you might just find the experience a little scary before you find it exhilarating. But there’s no reason to worry. This is a safe adventure to embark on. It’s simply a parachute attached to a speedboat with a rope. The boat has to maintain a certain speed so the parachute stays up in the air. Too fast and too slow are both no good. The lines are always maintained and inspected to ensure safety and quality. So knowing this, if the ride feels scary to you, you don’t need to yell to them to slow down. Instead, what you can do is adjust the height. It helps to tell the boat crew that you’re nervous and ask them to gradually release the line so you can make adjustments to the height until you feel comfortable. With any parasailing company you choose, you will be given a briefing about what will happen and what you should do. You will also be taught a safety signal so that if you want to stop before the ride is over they will stop.

Don’t forget to document this moment as you fly through the sky over the waters of Boracay. You’ll definitely want to cheese it up for the camera, though you shouldn’t miss out on the scenery around you. Part of going to Boracay is going for the immense beauty of the beaches there. Also, if you worry about losing your phone in the water, another option is to leave it on the boat. You can ask the crew to take photos while you’re up there, which makes for even better Facebook and Instagram photos anyway.

It’s not every day that you’ll get to fly up in the sky by parachute attached to a speed boat, especially in surroundings that are as beautiful as Boracay. So take the time to really revel in the moment. Most people, even those who are a little scared, find that 15 minutes goes by really fast. Live in the moment when you’re parasailing in Boracay, which is actually pretty good advice for when you’re doing just about anything anywhere.

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