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Project Description

Sunset Paraw Sailing in Boracay

No visit to beautiful Boracay Island would be complete without exploring the coastline on a native ‘paraw’ (outrigger sailing boat). These unique boats have been part of the island’s scenery for generations, though only in recent years have they been used for sightseeing trips.

This kind of paraw is found only in a small region of the Western Visayas, and these boats were originally used for fishing or transportation between islands, but since the arrival of tourism, enterprising locals have been using them to ferry tourists around the various beaches and attractions Boracay has to offer.

Paraws are single hulled outrigger boats (not catamarans, as they are sometimes misnamed) constructed from wood and bamboo, and are sturdy and versatile little vessels, ideal for the conditions around the island. They are enormous fun to sail – on a windy day they skim along at surprisingly high speeds, and due to the absence of a deep keel, have the advantage of being able to moor right on the shoreline – perfect for beach hopping.

Paraw sailing is one of the island’s most popular pursuits, and a great way to explore the many beaches and snorkel sites around Boracay, as well as neighbouring Panay and Carabao Islands. These boats are usually manned by two or three crew – a skipper/captain and balancers. Depending on the conditions, up to 10 customers can ride, and there is no minimum number of guests per trip.

The inimitable Captain Joey knows all the island’s best kept secrets, from caves to waterfalls and snorkeling sites, cooks delicious BBQ & grilled seafood for his guests, and is rumoured to have the biggest smile in Boracay!

Captain Joey
Red Pirates Pub
White Beach
Angol (a few minutes walk south of boat station 3)

Tel: 036 288 5767
Mobile: 0921 7821494 (inquiries by text in ENGLISH please)